Apple Flinger

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Funny single- and multiplayer game for Android - Use a slingshot to shoot with apples. Very challenging and addictive.



  • high resolution quality graphics
  • realistic physics
  • lag-free and smooth gameplay
  • fine detailed animations and particle systems
  • brand new and innovative game concept
  • single/multiplayer
  • 100% open source (GPL3)

You use a slingshot to shoot with apples. Be first to destroy the whole enemy base, but be aware, the other side shoots back. This game has a balanced mix of puzzle, strategy, patience and action.

This is for one or two players! You can play this against anyone who sits next to you - or against yourself. You can also play against a computer controlled opponent. More features, more fun and more levels will come soon.

international age ratings:

  • ACB: G (general)
  • ClassInd: L
  • ESRB: E (everyone)
  • PEGI:3
  • USK: 0
  • IARC: 3


Option 1: Get it on F-Droid

Option 2: Download the latest stable build from gitlab’s master branch.

Option 3: Download the latest release or an older release from

Option 4: Build it from source

git clone
cd apple-flinger
./gradlew assembleRelease
# note: your APK file is now here: ./android/build/outputs/apk/android-release-unsigned.apk

Option 5: Get if from google play store: click here


See the AUTHORS file for a list of all contributors. Merged changes from all authors will automatically add them to this file. please let me know if you don’t want to be listed in AUTHORS or if you are missing your name.

All merge requests are welcome. Contributions can be made towards: Programming, Testing, Graphic Design, Web page, Sound engineering, Level design, Documentation, Consulting, …

Send an email to incoming+ar-/ if you need help with anything.

Create Levels

If you like to create levels (or maps or missions or episodes), There is a wiki-page for it: . Check it out! Please send your levels, no matter if you make 1 or 100. All contributions are welcome.


You can translate the properties file and send a merge request, or (for the technically less experienced) you can simply use the convinient web-interface on weblate . There you can add new languages to the game and improve existing translations. By default you will be mentionend in the AUTHORS file of this project (that is done by a script). Let me know by email, if you don’t want that.

Here are some Weblate statistics: Translation status

Translation status

How to report an error? How to suggest a new feature?

If you don’t have a GitLab account (and don’t want to create one), you can send an email to incoming+ar-/ or to This will automatically create an issue here in the Gitlab system.

If you have a GitLab account: you can CLICK HERE to raise a new issue.

The issue tracking is used for both: bugs and feature requests.


Cash donations are not accepted. You can buy the author of this app a coffee if you have some spare cryptocurrencies.

  • BTC/BCH/BTG/etc: 1J2bbhJYksSjeynGGhuSPN9aTEaxiGm4nR
  • BTC Bech32: bc1qgshj3mtju02sg9ymse9cksfjdjh5gp0204w3zj
  • DASH: XbLRt5imEHc72KmhvC7V9v8f9NmYrmvweS
  • ETH: 0a6604dc5000c57e80f824601535db216e77482f
  • XMR: 4AffoFbFhfGZdBeMaQYSCMTURacM3qZYxKHQeLx8xkiLUjzk2GPzjCrNU5uquXEsEL6wcN8b5ULg5JdDaQfuQRkUJs6xx3f

Note: These addresses are taken from the original autors website ( They are cryptographically signed, with the same key, that signed the git commits of this software project. Feel free to verify the GPG signatures so you can be sure, that you donation goes to the person, who actually commited the code of this software.

How much to donate? 🙂

  1. Go to your nearest coffee shop (or bar [or cafe in the Netherlands]).
  2. Get the price for a regular coffee (or beer). No surgar.
  3. Optionally multiply by 2. Thanks.
  4. Convert the price into a crypto currency mentioned above.
  5. Donate the resulting value.


See also: DONATE page